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Hi! My name is Erin Alice and I’m a mama to 4. Our two youngest are homeschooled, our oldest works serving kids in tough situations and our only son is about to end his deployment to the middle east. #armystrong

We first tried oils because our kids had big emotions from foster care, adoption, surgeries and LOTS of doctor’s appointments. What started with wanting little bottles of emotional goodness, became an entire lifestyle change that brought chemical free cleaners, supplements & everyday items into our lives.

Now I spend my free time helping other homes make those changes too. Want to learn more? We are here for you too.

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Want to learn more about how we use oils for homeschool, supporting the emotions that come from surgeries, foster care & adoption? Are you ready to change out your everyday items with chemical free alternatives? Just complete the contact form to begin a whole new wellness journey for your life!

Yes, please contact me in regards to the information or questions I am sending.

Diffuser blends, Recipes & More

Gathering ideas, recipes and more as we walk this wellness journey together.

Dealing with Difficulties and Emotions

Dealing with Difficulties and Emotions
Posted by Erin
Dealing with Difficulties and Emotions
September 10, 2020


Emotions. We all have them.

Sometimes we control them. And sometimes they control us.

Maybe you have always struggles with not allowing your emotions to overtake you and interfere with everyday life. Or maybe 2020 has brought emotions to a whole other level.

Essential oils can play a huge part in helping you find steady ground again.


Gary Young started his day with this routine. And now, so do countless others.

Valor is one my favorites. It has a beautiful blue color and smells fruity. We call it courage in a bottle.

With over 17 different oils like lavender, frankincense and rose, this blend is uplifting and can ease stressful emotions.

Joy is one of my top go-to’s when dealing with the winter blues.

The last step in the Great Day Protocol provides a feeling of strength and protection. I like to wear this oil on days that I am going to be with people who may not always agree with me.


September Monthly Promos

September Monthly Promos
Posted by Erin
September Monthly Promos
September 1, 2020
Why wait until 2021 to set new goals? Fall is here—let’s start something new! First on your autumnal to-do list: trade your everyday household items for nature’s best. Pack snacks in an on-trend mini YL cooler in lieu of paper bags or carryout. Stock radiance-producing Copaiba in your vanity cabinet instead of beauty buys filled with harsh chemicals. And when you need those YL goodies without any extra shipping cost, get your September qualifying products for free! Get ready. Get set. Go natural and green!
Trade up with September’s free products!

M-Grain™ essential oil blend, 15 ml

Destress after a long day. Trade your typical tension fighter for a warm bath infused with the soothing scent of this EO blend.

Thieves Mints, 30 Count

Curb cravings the sugar-free way. Pop in a cooling, irresistible mint when you find your goal to go without sweets too hard to handle.

Mini YL Cooler*

Dine al fresco. When your house gets a titch too claustrophobic, pack a picnic and take the family on an outdoor eating adventure.
*The Mini YL Cooler is available only while supplies last. If the mini cooler goes out of stock, we will reward 30 ER points instead.

Copaiba essential oil, 15 ml

Choose skin care that soothes. Enjoy Copaiba’s balmy, calming scent as you find your way to cover-girl skin.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Purification® essential oil blend, 5 ml

Fight for the sweetest clean. Add a drop or two of this citrusy scent to diffusers, rooms sprays, soapy mop buckets, vacuum bags, vents, and any other odor-reducing product.

Free shipping

Teacher Survival Essentials

Teacher Survival Essentials
Posted by Erin
Teacher Survival Essentials
September 8, 2020

Back to School Teacher Essentials

Oil Basics

School is back in session and now more than ever our teachers are looking for creative ways to education, inspire, and uplift the students walking through their doors. Even if you aren’t running a diffuser in your room, just wearing your essential oils daily and using them in between classes is providing countless benefits to your students. And if you are not a teacher, no worries. The facts, tips and recipes shared in this post will be of great benefit to you too!

In Focus

Staying focused throughout the day is a must for teachers. So is maintaining your energy level. For years now we have used the NingXia bomb recipe below to accomplish both.

Some of our most common times to make it up are on long drives, as we are on the mend, pre-sporting & band events, and days that are jam packed with activities.

Zyng provides sustained energy with no crash plus carbonation to help ease the transition from sugary pop drinks to a healthier choice. Nitro brings cognitive support, and whenever we support the brain we also support the heart. And NingXia Red is a powerful antioxidant that serves every system in your body.

Thieves Household Cleaner

Hands down the best cleaner I have ever used. It’s safe for children and classroom pets while being strong enough to take care of the biggest messes. And you can use it on every surface in your classroom!


Roll-On Recipes

There are countless roller bottle recipes that can be used as a perk-me-up in the morning, during study time and to unwind in the evening.

Below are a few of our favorites. Be sure to check out the team handbook for more options!


Diffuser Recipes

Whether you diffuse getting ready for your day or during your planning time at school, the options below will be ones you will use frequently.

Can’t plug in a diffuser in your classroom? Consider picking up a USB diffuser or personal hand held from YL. You can also find a variety of diffuser bracelets & necklaces on line!



Cozy Home Fall Recipes

Cozy Home Fall Recipes
Posted by Erin
Cozy Home Fall Recipes
September 9, 2020


Fresh, Cozy & Safe for the Whole Family

Fall is upon us and that means crisp air, apple cider and falling leaves. As we begin spending more time indoors, use the recipes below to bring the fall indoors!

Thieves Tea is our go-to drink all fall and winter long. Soothing on throats and comforting during the cold of winter, we sometimes drink a couple of mugs each day! For an added bonus, include a drop of peppermint.

We did away with chemical filled room fresheners and sprays many years ago after we found they caused a few of us to have headaches. Creating your own room spray not only helps freshen up the house (and stinky gym shoes!), it also allows you to make just the fragrance you want!

Cozy Home with Fall Diffuser Blends

From apple cider to sweater-weather the blends below will make your home the coziest place around.










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