The Kahler Family
The Kahler Family
Young Living Diamond Leaders
Owners of Restoring Wellness Boutique LLC

We began our journey to restoring our health and wellness in April of 2012. We knew that we needed a change but we weren’t sure where to begin. That month we were introduced to Young Living essential oils and our lives have never been the same.

Through research on our own, we learned the importance of nutrition, exercise, and supporting our body. We found ways to remove the chemicals from our home and reduce our toxic load as well as ways to save money by making our own healthier products using essential oils.

We call this new lifestyle “Living Above the Line”. This “line” is the place between wellness and sickness. If we can maintain our health above the line then there will be no need to fix health issues. Our goal as a family is to do our part to live our lives above the line. We’ve dealt with many health issues along the way on our journey to this lifestyle of “Living Above the Line” but we have finally made it. Since we got on the natural path to wellness we have seen a great change in our family. It has been a journey but it has been well worth it.

We started with small changes that were easy to maintain and as we started seeing the changes in us we got excited to make more changes. The things we have done are things that anyone can do. Once we changed our way of thinking about health, we found that we can restore wellness and we can live a healthy life. God made us to have joy, peace, and to have a full abundant life.

~Bill & Codie-lyn Kahler
Owners, Restoring Wellness Boutique LLC

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds…” Jeremiah 30:17

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